Kawasaki Thermal Engineering

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering

History of Kawasaki Thermal Engineering:

Kawasaki Chillers : Kawasaki is the pioneer in the absorption technology with over 6000 installations worldwide and the first direct fired absorption chiller to be installed in Pakistan was also Kawasaki in the year 1985.

Kawasaki is still much ahead in his research and development to produce excellent energy saving type machines .This is the reason that they currently achieve another milestone in the shape of Triple Effect Chiller with 1.6 COP and quality products.

No comparison in features and services.

Kawasaki Awards:

  1. World’s Most Efficient Direct Gas Fired & Steam Fired Chiller.
  2. Sigma Ace (1.29 Model) was awarded as “Green Model” by Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas and Toho Gas.
  3. Sigma Ace Chiller is the World’s best Chiller.