After Sales Service

After Sales Service

Why is HVAC service a must?

  • After investing a considerable amount for installing an air conditioning system in a
    building, one needs to ensure that the system performs optimally throughout its
    lifetime without any interruption.
  • Even a minor fault, if not detected and rectified in time,will lead to plant breakdown
    resulting in expenditure, and deprive you of comfort cooling or loss of production.
  • It is therefore essential for you to be associated with people with the expertise to
    take care of your plant.
  • KHAN is the largest HVAC service provider in the country, with the SPECIALIZE
    capability to service ABSORPTION types of plants.

Why Khan?

KHAN believes that good service has no price, only value. To this end, KHAN has made a substantial commitment of manpower and resources to create a service capability with most modern Telematic system which is versatile, responsive, comprehensive and reliable.

We offer a choice of maintenance service schemes, to suit your requirements:

Maintenance scheme options

  1. Maintenance service schemes. For details contact us.
  2. On-call basis service schemes, for those not covered under a maintenance service scheme.
  3. Operating contracts undertaken to meet customer's requirements.

KARE Telematic System :

Despite its relatively recent introduction to the market , the system is gaining solid foot holds and receiving very good response from all high quality concern clients.

We Do Care By KARE

KARE Telematic system is a remote performance monitoring system to monitor your chiller online. Telematic system is the data acquisition, analysis, diagnostic and servicing tool, all rolled into one.
The telematic system consists of a hardware and software combination that is connected to a PLC which monitors, collects, records, analysis and communicates chiller performance data in real time.

By KARE Telematic system, you are in touch with your chiller Anywhere in the World as long as you can connect to the Internet.

Feed forward Benefits:

The greatest benefit of the Telematic system lies in its ability to spot potential problems before they occur. The system can identify deteriorating components and identify intermittent anomalies before they become permanent ones. Even small errors that would normally go undetected are identified before they become real problems.

Unique Features of Telematic system:

  • Sends information of normal operating parameters at specified intervals over the internet.
  • Informs alarm condition through email, SMS to service personnel.
  • Historical data storage on centralized server for predetermined duration.
  • Monitoring center can provide 24 Hr. on line service if required.
  • In case of trouble/alarm, machine will automatically dial the monitoring center
    and the service engineer will immediately contact tothe client for solving the
  • Monitoring system (Telematic System) keep thecomplete recordof machine
    operational data which is not possible by operational staff.
  • By the complete record of operational data. Service center can timely diagnose
    the miner changes/development of problem in the system.