About Us

About Us

Khan Associate

Khan Associate was incorporated over 25 years ago. Over the years KA has gained valuable experience and achieved dominance in the Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Mechanical Projects.

In its infancy the company’s main area of focus was Operation and maintenance services of Air conditioning Systems.

Over the years, KHAN ASSOCIATES has gained experience and expertise, thus expanding the spectrum of core competencies to include Complete Air Conditioning Systems, Solar Power Generation, Software development and Precise Maintenance with KARE.

The long track record speaks for it self. KHAN ASSOCIATES is characterized through out by its long term commitment to client satisfaction ,its constructive sales work and perhaps most important of all, GOOD SERVICE.

GOOD SERVICES and reliable products are the key concepts in the KHAN ASSOCIATES strategy.


The combination of experience and modern techniques are the basis of high quality service. The TOTAL Solution base company which provide Safety and reliance including SALES, INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE.

The Goals

Goals of KHAN ASSOCIATES are to:

• Operate only with the highest possible quality.

• Maintain a reputation as a highest reliable business partner.

• Provide excellent sales and after sales services.

The Work Force

When it comes to the operation and maintenance of Absorption HVAC systems, KA Employs some of the highly skilled and qualified people around. Their know – how and practical experience, Often built up over many years, have made KHAN ASSOCIATES known and respected all over the country.